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Required Reports

The links provided in this list of Required Report will lead to publications uploaded after mid-June, 2020. There are other agency publications available on the portal which you can access by using the search bar.

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Row Number Agency Name Description Frequency Authorizing Resource (Local Law) Authorizing Resource (Charter and Code) Last Published Date See All Reports
1441 Transportation, Department of (DOT) Electric vehicle advisory committee recommendations Report including recommendations on ways to promote the usage of electric vehicles among the general public, which shall include consideration of methods to enhance the availability of electric vehicle charging methods and of parking, regulatory, technical and fiscal issues surrounding the increased use of electric vehicles in New York City. Commencing in 2018, the recommendations should include information regarding the pilot program established pursuant to LL 160/2016, including, to the extent such information is available, the cost of such pilot program, the rate of utilization of each charging station installed pursuant to such pilot program, recommendations with respect to expanding or making such pilot program permanent, and any other recommendations regarding such pilot program or the installation of electric vehicle charging stations in the city, including the feasibility of on-street electric vehicle charging. With Electric Vehicle Advisory Committee Once LL 122/2013 New York City Administrative Code Title 19, Section 101.5 2020-06-16 Search
1442 Transportation, Department of (DOT) Horse drawn Carriage Cab Stands Review of existing locations of horse drawn cab stands and any proposals by the department and any written proposals by other to establish or eliminate horse drawn cab stands and shall report the results of such review to the mayor and council. Due within 60 days after the close of the fiscal year. (Reports up to Sept 2020) Every 1 Year New York City Administrative Code Title 19, Section 174(c) Search
1443 Transportation, Department of (DOT) Interagency Roadway Safety Plan To be developed in conjunction with other key agencies with whom the Department shall meet at least monthly. Plan objective: To improve roadway safety, to reduce the incidence of traffic violations, crashes, injuries and fatalities. Every subsequent update shall give evaluation of prior plan's implementation. Every 5 Years LL 12/2011 New York City Administrative Code Title 19, Section 184 Search
1444 Transportation, Department of (DOT) Language Access Implementation Plan/Local Law 30 of 2017 Report Every 3 Years LL30/2017 New York City Administrative Code Title 23 Section 1102(d) 2020-03-30 Search
1445 Transportation, Department of (DOT) Master Plan A master plan, and updates to the master plan for the use of streets, sidewalks, and pedestrian spaces every five years. In developing each such plan, the department shall prioritize and promote: (i) the safety of all street users; (ii) on-street priority for mass transit vehicles; (iii) the reduction of vehicle emissions; and (iv) access for individuals with disabilities Every 5 Years LL 195/2019 New York City Administrative Code Title 19, Section 199.1(d)(1) 2021-12-01 Search
1446 Transportation, Department of (DOT) Neighborhood and school slow zones A report listing the location of all neighborhood slow zones. This report shall include, but not be limited to, a review of whether such zones have minimized the risk of traffic crashes, critical injuries or death, and a determination of whether the department shall continue to establish seven neighborhood slow zones annually. Every 1 Year LL12/2011, LL 105/2013, LL 24/2014 New York City Administrative Code Title 19, Section 177 2020-06-16 Search
1447 Transportation, Department of (DOT) Non-Specific Reports regarding Traffic Conditions Detailed reports regarding traffic conditions in the city. Such reports may be inclusive of recommendations and proposals for ameliorating conditions through specific actions. Proposals may include enacting laws to adjust the roles of other agencies that impact the city's transportation system as well. LL 24/2014 New York City Charter Chapter 71 Section 2903(a)(6) Search
1448 Transportation, Department of (DOT) Owner Liability for Failure to Comply with Traffic Controls Demonstration Program Periodic Report Report on the results of the use of a traffic-control signal photo violation-monitoring system. On or before June 1st, 2007 and on June 1st in each succeeding year in which the demonstration program is operable.(Completed) Every 1 Year LL 46/1989, LL 20/1998, LL 29/1994, LL 14/1992, LL 25/1994 New York City Administrative Code Title 19, Section 210(o) 2020-09-22 Search
1449 Transportation, Department of (DOT) Performance Indicators Report Report on performance indicators developed pursuant to this section citywide and by borough. Where such report provides information for a key corridor, such report shall provide performance indicators before and after construction or project implementation. Such report shall include information for each indicator from the prior calendar year and shall describe departmental assessments about the projects where appropriate. Every 1 Year LL 23/2008, LL 127/2013 New York City Administrative Code Title 19, Section 180 2020-01-30 Search
1450 Transportation, Department of (DOT) Purchases of alternative fuel buses Statistical analysis of the bus complement of the city disaggregated by number of buses, bus sizes, capacity and use or non-use of alternative fuels. (Completed) Every 1 Year LL 38/2015 New York City Administrative Code Title 24, Section 163.2(d)(1) Search