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Late Notice - Dangerous Vehicle Abatement Program Evaluation Study Report

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Report evaluating the effectiveness of the safe vehicle operation course; a study of driving behavior to identify specific behaviors indicating a pattern of dangerous driving associated with traffic crashes, injuries, and fatalities, including, but limited to, and to the extent feasible, an analysis of hit-and-run police reports, convictions for traffic-related violations or crimes, including convictions pursuant to section 19-190 and section 1212 of the vehicle and traffic law; MV104AN crash reports attributing dangerous conduct to the driver, driving activity of vehicles registered to people with suspended or revoked licenses; and a report on changes in patterns of dangerous driving and any additional interventions undertaken by the department or another city agency designed to address dangerous driving

Report type
  • Delinquent Report Notice
Date published
  • 2023-08-18
Calendar year
  • 2023
Required Report Name
  • Dangerous Vehicle Abatement Program Evaluation Study Report