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The links provided in this list of Required Report will lead to publications uploaded after mid-June, 2020. There are other agency publications available on the portal which you can access by using the search bar.

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Row Number Agency Name Description Frequency Authorizing Resource (Local Law) Authorizing Resource (Charter and Code) Last Published Date See All Reports
1531 Transportation, Department of (DOT) Report on Traffic Calming Device and Traffic Flow Guidelines and Requests for Changes in Traffic Flow Designations Report on the number of requests for changes in traffic flow designations received by the department during the 12 months ending on the preceding June 30, disaggregated by location and by the category of requesting party, and the status of such requests. Every 1 Year LL 52/2019 New York City Administrative Code Title 19, Section 183(b) and (c) 2022-06-28 Search
1532 Transportation, Department of (DOT) Report on Updates to the Master Plan An update regarding any changes to the plan from the previous year, the bicycle lane network coverage index, and the status of the implementation of each benchmark identified in such plan, including but not limited to those benchmarks listed in subdivision c. Such information shall include a data set containing data on geographic feature boundaries, as represented by points, lines, or polygons. In addition, each report due beginning February 1, 2028 shall include the bicycle connectivity index for the previous year Every 1 Year LL 195/2019 New York City Administrative Code Title 19, Section 199.1(d)(2) Search
1533 Transportation, Department of (DOT) Results of Use of Traffic-Control Signal Violation-Monitoring System (Completed) Every 1 Year LL 46/1989, LL 20/1998, LL 29/1994, LL 14/1992, LL 25/1994 2020-06-16 Search
1534 Transportation, Department of (DOT) Staten Island Ferry Service report Analysis of planned service expansions and why it may not be economically feasible to expand service Every 2 Years New York City Administrative Code Title 19, Section 305 2020-06-16 Search
1535 Transportation, Department of (DOT) Street Design Manual/Comprehensive guideline for the improvements of roads and sidewalks A manual of policies and design guidelines for the improvement of roads and sidewalks in the city Every 4 Years LL 13/2011, LL 127/2013 New York City Administrative Code Title 19, Section 182.1 Search
1536 Transportation, Department of (DOT) Traffic Calming near Schools Report Report on strategies for enhancing safety within a half mile radius of a minimum of 50 schools and, where practicable, more than 50 schools, including traffic calming treatments and traffic control signals Every 2 Years LL 241/2017 New York City Administrative Code Title 19, Section 199 2020-05-18 Search
1537 Transportation, Department of (DOT) Traffic Calming Study The Commissioner shall conduct a study on the feasibility of installing traffic calming measures, including but not limited to, raised crosswalks, traffic circles and protected pedestrian phases in appropriate locations in the city LL 127/2013 New York City Administrative Code Title 19, Section 179 Search
1538 Veterans' Services, Department of (DVS) Annual Equal Employment Opportunity and Diversity Plan Annual fair and effective affirmative employment plan to provide equal employment opportunity for minority group members and women who are employed by, or who seek employment with, the agency Every 1 Year LL 12/2019 New York City Charter Chapter 35, Section 815(a) 2022-03-29 Search
1539 Veterans' Services, Department of (DVS) Annual Report of the Department of Veterans' Services Report including 1. A list and description of the services provided by the department; 2. The total number of employees, a list of functional titles, the number of employees in each functional title and a summary of the general responsibilities for each title; 3. The total number of engagements, per month, disaggregated by the types of services provided, whether the service was provided at the department's office, a resource center or in the field, and borough; 4. The types of services veterans have inquired about, including through 311 calls, per month, disaggregated by type of service, and borough where applicable; 5. The methods by which the department provides information to veterans and their families, caretakers and active service members and the methods by which veterans and their families learned about the department; 6. A list of the field services provided by the department in each borough, per month; and 7. The methods utilized by the department in calculating its report on the performance indicators herein. Every 1 Year LL 44/2019 New York City Administrative Code, Title 31, Section 109 2023-02-09 Search
1540 Veterans' Services, Department of (DVS) Annual Report on LGBTQ Veterans' Services Report on agency review of veterans’ experience with accessing the assistance required pursuant to subdivision c of Admin. Code Section 31-112 and discussing any identified issues Every 1 Year LL 4/2022 New York City Administrative Code, Title 31, Section 112(f) Search