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Date PublishedTitleAgency/Additional Creator
2017-11-17Housing New York 2.0Housing Preservation and Development, Department of (HPD)
2017-06-01Housing For WhomPublic Advocate (PUB ADV)
2017-05-25Annual Research Reports: 2017 Housing Supply ReportRent Guidelines Board (RGB)
2017-05-25Annual Research Reports: Changes to the Rent Stabilized Housing Market in NYC in 2016Rent Guidelines Board (RGB)
2017-04-27( Preserving Quality Affordable Housing by Adequately Funding and and Administering the HPD Tenant Interim Lease (TIL) Program BACKGROUND ON THE TENANT INTERIM LEASE (TIL) PROGRAM )Public Advocate (PUB ADV)
2017-04-13Annual Research Reports: 2017 Income and Affordability StudyRent Guidelines Board (RGB)
2017-04-13Annual Research Reports: 2017 Price Index of Operating CostsRent Guidelines Board (RGB)
2017-03-31Combating Trans Housing Discrimination in New York CityPublic Advocate (PUB ADV)
2017-03-30Annual Research Reports: 2017 Income & Expense StudyRent Guidelines Board (RGB)
2017-03-30Annual Research Reports: 2017 Mortgage Survey ReportRent Guidelines Board (RGB)