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Date PublishedTitleAgency/Additional Creator
2018-03-01Vision Zero Year Four ReportTransportation, Department of (DOT)
2018-02-01Vision Zero Accomplishments ReportTransportation, Department of (DOT)
2018-01-31Accessible Waterborne Commuter ServicesTransportation, Department of (DOT)
2017-12-31Safer Cycling, Bicycle Ridership and Safety in New York CityTransportation, Department of (DOT)
2017-12-31Performance Indicators ReportTransportation, Department of (DOT)
2017-12-31Brooklyn Bridge Promenade ReportTransportation, Department of (DOT)
2017-09-01Bike Share Usage Data Report - Q3 2017Transportation, Department of (DOT)
2017-08-01Barnes Dance StudyTransportation, Department of (DOT)
2017-07-01Coordinated Street Furniture Franchise Year 11 UpdateTransportation, Department of (DOT)
2017-06-01Automated speed enforcement program reportTransportation, Department of (DOT)