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2018-09-11More Schools Eligible, Less Aid Available: Federal Support Shrinks for City Schools With Many Low-Income StudentsIndependent Budget Office, NYC (IBO)
2018-08-16The Parental Leave Deals: Taking a Closer Look at the Cost And Savings AssumptionsIndependent Budget Office, NYC (IBO)
2018-07-24Under Pressure: How the City's Child Welfare System Responded to Recent High-Profile TragediesIndependent Budget Office, NYC (IBO)
2018-07-12A Guide to the Capital BudgetIndependent Budget Office, NYC (IBO)
2018-05-15Tough Times Ahead? The City's Fiscal Condition Is Stable, At Least for NowIndependent Budget Office, NYC (IBO)
2018-04-19Addressing the Disparities: Winners & Losers in Two Property Tax Reform ScenariosIndependent Budget Office, NYC (IBO)
2018-04-05Budget Options for New York CityIndependent Budget Office, NYC (IBO)
2018-04-04A Speedier Expansion of 3-K While Early Childhood Programs Are Consolidated in the Education DepartmentIndependent Budget Office, NYC (IBO)
2018-03-14Increased Funding to Expand Housing Plan and Deepen AffordabilityIndependent Budget Office, NYC (IBO)
2018-03-08As City and State Trade Blame Over Transit Funding, The Governor's Proposals Would Direct City Resources to MTAIndependent Budget Office, NYC (IBO)