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2019-10-03Neighborhood Senior Centers, Innovative Senior Centers, and Social Clubs: What Is the Difference?Independent Budget Office, NYC (IBO)
2019-09-25Close to Home: Does Proximity to a Homeless Shelter Affect Residential Property Values in Manhattan?Independent Budget Office, NYC (IBO)
2019-09-18Are the Number of Health Department Initial Inspections for Rats on the Rise?Independent Budget Office, NYC (IBO)
2019-08-27Who Pays for the Rising Number of State Technical Parole Violators in NYC Jails?Independent Budget Office, NYC (IBO)
2019-08-20New Yorkers Receiving Cash Assistance: A Nearly 60-Year Low?Independent Budget Office, NYC (IBO)
2019-08-15What’s the Rent? A Snapshot of the Rents for New Affordable Housing in New York CityIndependent Budget Office, NYC (IBO)
2019-08-08Fiscal Brief: A Matter of Demographics? An Increasing Number of New Yorkers Are Aided by Adult Protective ServicesIndependent Budget Office, NYC (IBO)
2019-08-06Which Public School Programs for English Language Learners Are Growing and Where?Independent Budget Office, NYC (IBO)
2019-07-30Fiscal Brief: Slacker City? New York City’s Incredible Shrinking WorkweekIndependent Budget Office, NYC (IBO)
2019-07-24Three City Pension Funds Are Ready to Divest From Fossil Fuel Stocks. How Much Do They Own?Independent Budget Office, NYC (IBO)