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Date PublishedTitleAgency/Additional Creator
2017-04-19How Has the Distribution of Income in New York City Changed Since 2006?Independent Budget Office, NYC (IBO)
2015-12-30How Much Has the City Spent on Overtime Over the Past 10 Years?Independent Budget Office, NYC (IBO)
2015-08-25Has the Distribution of Cultural Development Funds Shifted Over Seven Years?Independent Budget Office, NYC (IBO)
2015-08-11Does City Spending on Antismoking Efforts Affect Smoking Rates?Independent Budget Office, NYC (IBO)
2014-07-15Are Red-Light, Bus-Lane, and Speed Cameras Becoming The Main Drivers of Revenue from Traffic Fines?Independent Budget Office, NYC (IBO)
2014-07-10Did the City’s Subsidy for the Former Private Bus Lines Rise or Fall After Their Takeover by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority?Independent Budget Office, NYC (IBO)
2014-04-22How Has the City’s Budget for Public Education Changed Since 2000?Independent Budget Office, NYC (IBO)
2014-02-07How Much Has Snow Removal Cost the City in Recent Years?Independent Budget Office, NYC (IBO)
2014-01-07Did the Number of Municipal Employees Decrease Under the Bloomberg Administration?Independent Budget Office, NYC (IBO)
2013-03-07With the Rise in the City’s Homeless Shelter Population, How Much Has Shelter Spending Increased?Independent Budget Office, NYC (IBO)