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2019-02-14Affordable for Whom? Comparing Affordability Levels of the Mayor’s Housing New York Plan With Neighborhood IncomesIndependent Budget Office, NYC (IBO)
2017-04-11Which New York City Neighborhoods Saw the Most—and Fewest—Tenants Move from Rent-Stabilized Apartments in 2010-2015?Independent Budget Office, NYC (IBO)
2017-02-17How Many Homes & Apartments in New York City Sold in Recent Years for More Than $2 Million?Independent Budget Office, NYC (IBO)
2017-02-08With Sexually Transmitted Disease Cases Rising in New York City, What Happened to Spending on Treatment and Prevention?Independent Budget Office, NYC (IBO)
2017-01-17Good, Fair, or Poor: What’s the Condition of the City’s Streets?Independent Budget Office, NYC (IBO)
2016-04-21How Much Has the Affordable Care Act Reduced the Share of Uninsured Patients Treated by the City’s Public Hospitals?Independent Budget Office, NYC (IBO)
2016-04-19Are Fewer Child Care Vouchers for 4-Year-Olds Being Used Because of the Expansion of Full-Day Pre-K?Independent Budget Office, NYC (IBO)
2016-01-15How Concentrated Is the Share of Students Who Live in Public Housing Across New York City Public Schools?Independent Budget Office, NYC (IBO)
2015-12-07Where Are Funds Going Under the Mayor’s Task Force on Behavioral Health and Criminal Justice Plan?Independent Budget Office, NYC (IBO)
2015-11-04Do Some Schools Have a Disproportionate Share of Students Living In Homeless Shelters or Doubled Up in Another Household?Independent Budget Office, NYC (IBO)