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Date PublishedTitleAgency/Additional Creator
2018-11-09Love Your Enthusiasm!Sanitation, Department of (DSNY)
2018-10-10Use paper lawns & leaf bags to recycle your fall leaves!Sanitation, Department of (DSNY)
2018-09-25Weekly Pipeline NewsletterEnvironmental Protection, Department of (DEP); Bureau of Public Affairs and Communications
2018-09-25Press release #18-47Sanitation, Department of (DSNY)
2018-07-23Press Release #18-41Sanitation, Department of (DSNY)
2018-07-06DSNY Local Law 49 ReportSanitation, Department of (DSNY); Housing Authority, New York City (NYCHA)
2018-07-06LL49 Report Transmittal LetterSanitation, Department of (DSNY)
2018-07-02Superintendent's Guide to Organics CollectionSanitation, Department of (DSNY)
2018-07-01SAFE Mailer Fall 2018 BrooklynSanitation, Department of (DSNY)
2018-06-18Press Release #18-36Sanitation, Department of (DSNY)