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Date PublishedTitleAgency/Additional Creator
2019-05-09Statistical Profiles of New York City Business Income Taxes Year 2015Finance, Department of (DOF)
2019-02-14Affordable for Whom? Comparing Affordability Levels of the Mayor’s Housing New York Plan With Neighborhood IncomesIndependent Budget Office, NYC (IBO)
2019-02-01A Foundation Report: StalkingCombat Domestic Violence, Mayor's Office to (OCDV)
2019-01-23The New York City Community Air SurveyHealth and Mental Hygiene, Department of (DOHMH)
2018-11-30EEPC Audit Review & Monitoring of Board of Education Retirement System’s Employment Practices and Procedures from July 1, 2014 to December 31, 2016Equal Employment Practices Commission (EEPC); Board of Education Retirement System (BERS)
2018-10-15Intimate Partner Homicide-Suicide in New York City (2010-2017)Combat Domestic Violence, Mayor's Office to (OCDV)
2018-07-31A Typology of Transition-Age YouthCenter for Innovation through Data Intelligence (CIDI)
2018-06-29Accountability Review Panel Report 2015 and 2016Children's Services, Administration for (ACS)
2018-06-05Audit Report on the New York City Department of Education's Reporting of Violent and Disruptive Incidents at Its SchoolsComptroller (COMP)
2018-05-22NYC Vital SignsHealth and Mental Hygiene, Department of (DOHMH)