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2019-05-23City Council Finance Committee FY'20 Final Budget HearingFinance, Department of (DOF)
2019-05-15Recession Ahead? While Concerns Mount, Projections Show Moderate Growth in NYC Tax Revenue for the Upcoming YearsIndependent Budget Office, NYC (IBO)
2019-05-09Citywide Savings ProgramManagement and Budget, Office of (OMB)
2019-04-25Ten-Year Capital Strategy - Fiscal Years 2020 - 2029Management and Budget, Office of (OMB)
2019-04-25Budget Function AnalysisManagement and Budget, Office of (OMB)
2019-04-25Financial Plan - Submission to the Control BoardManagement and Budget, Office of (OMB)
2019-04-25Financial Plan ExpenseManagement and Budget, Office of (OMB)
2019-04-25Full-Time and Full-Time Equivalent Staffing LevelsManagement and Budget, Office of (OMB)
2019-04-25Revenue Financial Plan DetailManagement and Budget, Office of (OMB)
2019-04-25Community Boards Geographic Report for Expense BudgetManagement and Budget, Office of (OMB)