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Late Notice - Opioid Antagonists Report

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Report including 1. The number of opioid antagonists the department has available for use in reversing the effects of a heroin or opioid overdose, disaggregated by patrol borough; 2. The number of officers trained in the department to administer opioid antagonists to overdose victims, disaggregated by patrol borough; and 3. The number of times in the quarter that an officer administered an opioid antagonists to an overdose victim, disaggregated by patrol borough and by the way in which the opioid antagonist was administered to such overdose victim, such as by syringe injection or nasal atomizer. Such number shall be expressed in both absolute terms and as a percentage of all administrations.

Report type
  • Delinquent Report Notice
Date published
  • 2021-05-11
Calendar year
  • 2021
Required Report Name
  • Opioid Antagonists Report