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City Planning Commission Report (C 030516 MMK)

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The Department of City Planning submitted an application for an amendment to the City Map, which would eliminate, discontinue, and close Pearl Street, Red Hook Lane, and Fair Street in Brooklyn. This action will also widen Willoughby Street and Myrtle Avenue and establish Fleet Place. The applications, C 040171 ZMK, N 040172 ZRK, C 040173 HUK, C 040174 HUK, C 040175 HUK, N 040176 HGK, C 040177 HDK, C 040178 HDK, C 040179 HDK, C 040180 PPK, C 040181 ZSK, C 040182 ZSK, C 040183 ZSK, C 040184 ZSK, C 040185 PSK, M860689(B) ZSK), M 930481(E) ZSK, and M 000592(A) ZSK, are being considered concurrently with this application.

Report type
  • Legislative Document
Date published
  • 2004-05-10