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Late Notice - Use of Force Incidents (Quarterly)

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Report includes the number of use of force incidents in total and disaggregated by: the category of force incident; the precinct or other departmental unit to which the officer who used force was assigned; and whether the officer was on or off-duty at the time. Total number of injuries to an officer or civilian resulting from a police and civilian interaction involving a use of force incident and disaggregated by the following: physical injury, substantial physical injury, and serious physical injury. Injuries shall also be disaggregated precinct or unit officer was assigned to, whether the officer was on or off-duty, and whether injury was sustained by officer or civilian, and, if known, whether injury was caused by officer or civilian. Additionally, the annual report includes the total number of incidents involving the use of excessive force for the previous calendar year and disaggregated by the category of use of force incident, where applicable, and whether the use of excessive force involved the drawing or displaying of a firearm in a manner determined to be excessive force; the precinct or unit to which officer who used excessive force was assigned; whether the officer was on or off-duty at time force used; if available, dispositions of departmental charges brought for officers for the use of excessive force.

Report type
  • Delinquent Report Notice
Date published
  • 2020-11-19
Calendar year
  • 2020
Required Report Name
  • Use of Force Incidents (Quarterly)