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Late Notice - Opioid Antagonist Report

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Report including 1. The number of opioid antagonists the department has available, disaggregated by borough and division; 2. The number of emergency medical technicians and other first responders employed by the department that are trained to administer opioid antagonists, disaggregated by borough and division; 3. The number of instances in the quarter that an emergency medical technician or other first responder employed by the department administered an opioid antagonist to a patient, disaggregated by borough, division, and by method of administration, such as syringe injection or nasal atomizer; and 4. The number, expressed in both absolute terms and as a percentage of all administrations, of instances in which the patient responded to the administration of an opioid antagonist.

Report type
  • Delinquent Report Notice
Date published
  • 2020-11-12
Calendar year
  • 2020
Required Report Name
  • Opioid Antagonist Report