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Report on application by Department of Citywide Administrative Services to acquire property (C 180207 PQM-SPECIAL INWOOD DISTRICT REZONING)

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Application by DCAS, pursuant to NYC Charter Section 197-c to acquire space at 4780 Broadway (Block 2233, Lot 13 and part of Lot 20) for use as a library and property (Block 2197, Lot 47), and by DCAS and Parks to acquire property along the Harlem River (Block 2183, part of Lot 1, Block 2184, Lot 1)

Report type
  • Reports - Other (Consultant/Staff)
Date published
  • 2018-06-25
Fiscal year
  • 2018
Calendar year
  • 2018
  • manhattan
Community board district
  • Manhattan 12
Associated place
  • Inwood