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Late Notice - Annual Report of the Department of Veterans' Services

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Report including 1. A list and description of the services provided by the department; 2. The total number of employees, a list of functional titles, the number of employees in each functional title and a summary of the general responsibilities for each title; 3. The total number of engagements, per month, disaggregated by the types of services provided, whether the service was provided at the department's office, a resource center or in the field, and borough; 4. The types of services veterans have inquired about, including through 311 calls, per month, disaggregated by type of service, and borough where applicable; 5. The methods by which the department provides information to veterans and their families, caretakers and active service members and the methods by which veterans and their families learned about the department; 6. A list of the field services provided by the department in each borough, per month; and 7. The methods utilized by the department in calculating its report on the performance indicators herein.

Report type
  • Delinquent Report Notice
Date published
  • 2020-12-31
Calendar year
  • 2020
Required Report Name
  • Annual Report of the Department of Veterans' Services