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Welcome to the Government Publications Portal—the GPP. This portal provides the public with a permanent, searchable online repository of New York City government’s publications. Beginning in 2006 agencies were required to send digital reports to the Municipal Library at the Department of Records and Information Services (DORIS). The Municipal Library has a long tradition of making government information accessible. More recent changes to the New York City Charter, Section 1133, require agencies to submit digital copies of all publications to the Library for permanent access and storage. If agencies don’t submit a report within ten days of publication, DORIS is required to publish a notice that the report has not been sent in place of the report until such report is published.

To locate hard copy materials including agency publications, please consult our electronic catalog.

To find publications, search by keyword, such as agency name, subject, title, report type, or date. Once you have search results, you can sort them further using filters, including by relevance, by date, or with just one letter of the alphabet.

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Available Publications

Title Date Published

Quadrennial Advisory Commission Report - 1999

Quadrennial Advisory Commission (QuadAC)

Backyard Composting In New York City

Sanitation, Department of (DSNY)

Executive Order 46

Mayor's Office (OM)

High Performance Building Guidelines

Design and Construction, Department of (DDC)

New York City 1998 drinking water supply and quality report

Environmental Protection, Department of (DEP)

Executive Order 45

Mayor's Office (OM)

Executive Order 44

Mayor's Office (OM)