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Welcome to the Government Publications Portal. The Government Publications Portal is a permanent searchable digital repository for all of New York City’s recent agency publications. The portal is maintained by the Municipal Library at the New York City Department of Records and Information Services (DORIS). The portal is part of New York City government’s ongoing mission to make government information publicly and easily accessible. The New York City Charter, Section 1133, requires agencies to submit digital copies of all publications to the Library for permanent access and storage. Beginning July 1, 2019, DORIS will maintain a list of all required reports on its website for public perusal. Effective January 1, 2020, more information will be available including not only access to the report but citation to the law requiring the publication, date or reporting period covered. Should the agencies concerned not submit the report within the required time limit, DORIS will issue a request for the report to the agency. Such requests will be published on the government publications website in place of the report until such report is published.

For older agency publications on paper, please consult our electronic catalog.

To find publications, search by keyword, such as agency name, subject, title, report type, or date. Once you have search results, you can sort them further using filters, including by relevance, by date, or with just one letter of the alphabet.

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Available Publications

Title Date Published

DCA Seizes 12 Vehicles In Queens Contractor Sting

Consumer Affairs, Department of (DCA)


Operations, Mayor's Office of (OPS)

The [Department of Environmental Protection] digest, September 2003

Environmental Protection, Department of (DEP)

Press Release (03-019 - 03-020)

Emergency Management, Office of (OEM)

08/31/03 Quarterly Provisional Report

Citywide Administrative Services, Department of (DCAS)

City Planning Commission Report (C 030253 GFK)

City Planning, Department of (DCP)